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Transmission & Substation Solutions

As a one-stop shop for all high voltage transmission line and substation packaging needs, Anixter Power Solutions provides complete materials management.

Power transmission and substation solutions begin with a commitment to the highest level of service. As a one-stop shop for all high voltage transmission line and substation packaging needs, Anixter Power Solutions provides complete materials management. Our project managers are entrenched in each job from kickoff meeting through closeout, and we've developed a proven system that ensures schedules and budgets are met.

Our experienced team reviews designs and specifications, and then determines and procures the materials needed to get the job done. We utilize our depth of resources, supplier relationships, operational expertise, extensive product selection and North American logistics footprint to make certain your materials management solution exceeds expectations.

Transmission line and substation equipment

The procurement and engineering specialists at Anixter Power Solutions bring years of experience and a history of working closely with substation and transmission line engineering firms. Beginning with your engineered drawings, we perform a complete materials take-off - referencing industry standards and meeting with OEMs to ensure that transmission line and substation design criteria are upheld. The result is a complete and compliant Bill of Materials covering everything from high voltage transmission structures to engineered substation equipment to substation steel to nuts and bolts.

Strategic sourcing and materials management

Coordinating your project materials and sourcing needs, Anixter Power Solutions brings significant cost savings and accelerated timelines to life. Once the Bill of Materials is approved, we tap into our deep supplier network to deliver substation equipment and components. We have the ability to provide the engineering, detailing and fabrication of steel structures. And our strength and scope as an electrical utility distributor allows us to shore up inventory, so materials are available when needed.

Kitting, pre-assembly and staging

Logistics planning is critical in making substation and high voltage transmission line projects run seamlessly. Through collaboration, our team helps determine optimal scheduling and delivery of construction materials and substation equipment. We also work with the appropriate engineering and construction resources to provide custom packaging solutions - reducing mismanagement of materials at the jobsite or laydown yard. By kitting, pre-assembling and staging materials, we help save labor and storage costs as well as minimize the risk of theft or damage.

Laydown yards

When it comes to laydown yard solutions, nothing wins the day like neat and tidy - because if you're unorganized, you're losing time and money. Anixter Power Solutions manages materials throughout each project, making sure they're accounted for, handled properly and not over-ordered. We provide comprehensive reporting on owner-furnished and supplier-delivered materials, so you know exactly what you're receiving and using. From organizing everything at the jobsite to building on-site warehouses to providing staff to manage entire laydown yards, we help save time, money and headaches.

Jobsite trailers and mobile warehouse solutions

When comprehensive laydown yard management is more than a project calls for, jobsite trailers and mobile warehouse solutions can be just the thing. Anixter Power Solutions offers both options, protecting materials from the weather and meeting your specific project's needs. Each one is secure, keeps everything organized and is equipped with an electrical hook-up and internal workstation. Jobsite trailers come with portable stairs and handrails for easy access. Mobile warehouse solutions let you keep inventory at our facilities and release it as needed.

Reverse Logistics

Our work doesn't end at the point of substantial completion. Because excess inventory can be as cumbersome and labor intensive as inventory that is mismanaged during a project, Anixter Power Solutions remains ready. We implement reverse logistics solutions to integrate extra materials and equipment into your overall materials management strategy. Items not in working order can be scrapped, provided to salvage or sent to refurbishment vendors.

Taking advantage of our vast T&D inventory, our reverse logistics solutions assess materials for resale and return useable inventory to our nationwide network of distribution facilities. From material take-off to reverse logistics, your bottom line is top of mind.

Renewable Energy

When building a wind or solar farm, a renewable energy company demands experience, expertise and a deep understanding of the segment. Anixter Power Solutions knows the intricacies of these projects, which makes all the difference when it comes to being under budget and on time. We have an established network in place, ensuring that our renewable energy solutions will help execute even the most complicated projects quickly and efficiently.

Several renewable energy companies have relied on us as their substation and transmission packager of choice. In a segment where time is of the essence, our knowledge and history in renewable energy construction give us the advantage of being able to anticipate and address your needs - sometimes before you even know you have them.